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RG280V: A Full Review Covering Aesthetics, Specifications, and More

RG280V: A Full Review Covering Aesthetics, Specifications, and More

One of the latest installations in Anbernic, RG280V, came as a ripple in the gaming industry but left a significant impact. If anything, it was this new console that could move forward with the new factor trend.


Anbernic is one of the significant makers of consoles that specialized in classic handhelds. However, this time, they outdid themselves and took a turn for the good to make a new portable with a Gameboy Mini aesthetic.

At first glance, the fans took the whole thing in a sceptical light. As the console looked too small to play comfortably, many were confused as to whether it would serve the purpose.  Wiki However, to anyone’s surprise, the console proved to be the best thing.

Moreover, Anbernic seems to have started a new trend as other handhelds like GKD mini and Powkiddy have come to the market. Let’s dive deep to understand what this particular console has to offer us.


The console comes with the following specifications,

  • Dual Core with 1.0GHZ JZ4770 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8″ IPS Display
  • 2100 mAh Battery that can run up to 5 hours
  • TF card that supports a max of 256GB
  • It has a glass Screen
  • USB-C Charging
  • Headphone Jack

The Aesthetic and Feel Behind The Console:

Similar to the structure of the RG351P, the RG280V is very reliable and precise. When you open the box, you will notice that it compliments the size of the handheld. On the front of the handheld, you will see a 2.8″ display with a premium glass cover. Although the bezels are very small that makes the screen look bigger than it is. Therefore, the screen makes up 60% of the face. There is also a 4:3 ratio as well as a bright nature of the screen that provides a stunning effect. The angles are superb and have nice saturated features.


RG280V: A Full Review Covering Aesthetics, Specifications, and More


Below this there lies a DPAD which works very similar to how it works in the RG351P. Moreover, there is a start/select button as well as soft touch ABXY buttons that makes playing comfortable. The ABXY buttons come with a silicone pad underneath which feels more premium. On the right-hand side, you will notice a reset button and an on-off button. Although it is an awkward size for any large finger, you will not have a problem using it once in a while.

Audio and Shoulder Button:

There are four shoulder buttons, one headphone jack, and one USB-C port for charging. Moreover, the shoulder buttons have a unique design. The L1/R1 buttons slightly hug the back of the R2/L2 buttons that give a bit of extra space to press. So, the shoulder buttons are very clickable and sit close to the internal buttons. Therefore, they are very responsive. Furthermore, the L2 and R2 buttons sit slightly higher allowing for easy access.

Now coming to the volume section of the handheld. The volume button as well as two SD card slots sit on the left-hand side. One of them is for the RG280V’s internal software, while the other is for installing your chosen ROMs. Lastly, you will also notice a centralized speaker which is fairly and comparatively loud.


RG280V is one of the influential handhelds under a budget of 100 dollars. Although there are many different handhelds available, none can match what this Anbernic creation is providing: the usage of OpenDingux. Compared to many other handhelds, this product will never be devalued as the Android operating system does over time. Because of the durability and the strength of the market, you can continue to use it even after years. Although the game uses an older chip, it can emulate the following retro games,

  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega Mega Drive
  • PS1
  • SNES
  • Wonderswan
  • Wonderswan Color
  • NES
  • Neo Geo
  • MAME
  • Neo Geo Pocket
  • FBA
  • N64
  • Super Famicom
  • Game Gear


RG280V is one sturdy product. The products add a sense of security because of the vertical handheld and the placement of the button so low. Anbernic has done one marvellous job choosing the right material for its composition that gives off a premium look as well.

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