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Top Facts To Know About Erin Caffey Who Murdered Her Family For Love

Erin Caffey is the infamous girl from Alba, Texas, who has come to the headlines after she got her family killed by her boyfriend. She was only 16 years old when she convinced her boyfriend to kill her family because they didn’t approve of their relationship. Needless to say, it was a tragic night for the Caffey family. Erin is currently in jail for her deeds, along with the other perpetrators, including her boyfriend.

So, if you want to know what exactly had transpired on that tragic night then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at Erin’s life, and the reason why she killed her family. So, now’s the time to follow this article and find out all the stuff you need to know about Erin.

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Who Is Erin Caffey?

Erin Caffey is a girl from Alba, Texas. According to the facts, she was quite shy and a very sweet individual while growing up. Moreover, she was also involved in the local church of her family. Apparently, she was the vocalist of the church. Academically she was also very sound. In other words, she was very good at her studies. So, the sources tell us that Erin’s birthdate is 27th July 1991. So, at the moment, she is around 31 years old.

Erin Caffey’s Boyfriend & The Reason Why Erin’s Parents Didn’t Approve Their Relationship

Let us tell you that Erin met her boyfriend, Charlie Wilkinson while working her part-time shift in a fast food stall. It was probably love at first sight for them, and they quickly became quite serious about each other. However, Erin’s parents, father Terry Caffey, and mother Penny Caffey due to reasons didn’t approve of Erin’s boyfriend.

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Top Facts To Know About Erin Caffey Who Murdered Her Family For Love

They even showed concern over Erin’s lover. In fact, let us also tell you that Erin’s parents did a bit of research on Charlie’s social media posts, and found all sorts of sexual references and alcohol stuff on his profile. Hence, they understood that the boy, Charlie, could be a bad influence on their daughter Erin.

That’s the reason why they didn’t approve of that relationship. But, Erin and Charlie were a thing and they were also quite serious about each other. Erin was angry to hear the opinions of her parents. On this note, let us tell you that Charlie even promised Erin to gift the ring of his grandmother. In addition, the couple, Erin & Charlie also decided to marry each other.

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The Revenge Against Parents: The Dreadful Night Of Tragedy

It’s quite bone-chilling to know what transpired on that tragic night. Erin’s anger quickly turned into an obsession for revenge against her parents. Her parents also grounded her and took her mobile phone away.

Somehow, she took hold of her cell phone and contacted her boyfriend Charlie. So, let us tell you that she convinced the 18-year-old Charlie to kill and murder her entire family. Even though Charlie tried to convince Erin to run away from the house with him, Erin was adamant about seeking revenge.

Hence, Charlie convinced his friend Charles Waid to become an accomplice in this task. In fact, they even had struck a deal of two thousand dollars for this. Eventually, on 1st March 2008, they decided to inflict the killer blow.

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Top Facts To Know About Erin Caffey Who Murdered Her Family For Love

On 1st March 2008, while Erin’s parents, Terry and Penny were fast asleep, the two boys entered the house. The 16-year-old Erin didn’t think about her parents and siblings for one moment and chose her boyfriend. Charlie and Waid shot Erin’s mother and father in the bedroom and then went upstairs to kill the brothers.

Even though the siblings shouted and the boys to let them go, it was futile. Waid slashed their throats with a sword and killed them brutally. After killing the entire family, the boys looted the house and then set the house on fire.

Just before the house was about to set on fire, somehow, Erin’s father miraculously came back to consciousness and crawled out of the house, and went to the neighbors. He survived the bullet shot and then called the police. Eventually, the police arrested the conspirator and the murderers.

The Sentence

The police arrested Caffey, Charlie, and Waid. It was Charlie and Waid who revealed the true mastermind behind the chaotic murders. So, in court, all of them were sentenced to life imprisonment wiki.


  • Who Is Erin Caffey?

Erin Caffey is infamous for killing her family as an act of revenge.

  • Why Did Erin Caffey Kill Her Family?

Erin’s parents, Terry and Penny didn’t approve of her relationship with her boyfriend Charlie. So, that’s the reason why she killed her parents & siblings. Luckily, her father survived the gunshot.

  • Where Is Erin Caffey Now?

Erin is serving her sentence of life imprisonment along with her boyfriend and friend, Charlie & Waid.

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