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Who Is Kylie Strickland? Know About The Infamous Tiktoker

Who Is Kylie Strickland? Know About The Infamous Tiktoker

Kylie Strickland is the infamous social media influencer who has flashed two children during a live stream. So, as per the sources, Kylie, who is quite famous on Tiktok, once flashed during a live stream from her profile. Apparently, the Pike County police officers arrested the 30-year-old woman, Kylie, after her video went viral on 28th June 2022.

Who Is Kylie Strickland? Know About The Infamous Tiktoker

Needless to say, she became a topic of discussion after the video of her lifting her top and exposing her nude body to two young boys in a swimming pool went viral. In the video, people also heard her saying to the young children, “You want to see titties t*****s? Bottles up!”.

If you want to know more about Kylie Strickland and the incident, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you all the stuff that you need to know about the Tiktok star, Kylie. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and find out about Kylie’s life.

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A Short Bio On Kylie

Well, before we talk about Kylie Strickland’s infamous incident involving the viral video, it’s important to know a few details about her life. Apparently, Kylie was born in the year 1991, on 18th October, in Georgia, USA. Let us also tell you that she is a 31-year-old Tiktok user who started her account back in May 2020. At the moment, she has over 270k followers on her account, and also more than seven million likes.

Who Is Kylie Strickland? Know About The Infamous Tiktoker

She is a content creator who often posts humorous videos, and lip-syncs content, on her profile. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of details available about her, except her birthdate, place of birth, and other facts that we already mentioned. It’s worth noting that her zodiac sign is Libra.

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What Is Kyle’s Nationality?

As we already mentioned earlier in this article, Kylie is an American citizen. In addition, she is of mixed descent. Kylie is of African-American, British, and Portuguese roots as the sources tell us.

Educational Qualifications Of Kylie

The Tiktok star, Kylie, went to a local private school in her childhood. After that, she joined a reputed high school. So, it’s worth noting that she is a very hard-working woman and she has achieved a high level of education as well. In fact, after that, she went to college and graduated with a degree in psychology wiki.

Personal Life Of Strickland

If you want to know about Strickland’s personal life, then you are at the right place. Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether Strickland is in a relationship or not. Even if she is, she didn’t mention anything about that on her social media profile.

Strickland’s Height & Weight

If you want to know about the height and weight of Kylie Strickland, then you are at the right place. So, let us tell you that the infamous US Tiktoker, Kylie stands tall at a height of 5ft 8 inches. In addition, she weighs around 125 pounds.

The Viral Video Of Kylie Strickland

So, it was the Troup County Sheriff’s office that investigated the video and found out about its content of it. Apparently, the video had shown a woman exposing herself to two young boys in a swimming pool. There were other people as well in the background. After a thorough investigation, the police finally decided to arrest the 31-year-old Tiktok star, Kylie. Several people also complained about this viral video.

Lots of users were also glad that they arrested the woman. It’s also worth noting that Kylie has addressed the public regarding the video. She said in a live stream that due for some reason she felt that it was not her responsibility to monitor what the children viewed online. However, it’s true that what she has done wasn’t appropriate at all.


  • Who Is Kylie Strickland?

Kylie Strickland is a Tiktoker from the USA who has become famous after an inappropriate video of hers went viral.

  • How Old Is Kylie Strickland?

Kylie, the US woman, and social media star is around 31 years old as of 2023.

  • Why Was Kylie Arrested?

The police arrested Kylie because of an inappropriate live stream involving her showing nudity to two young men in a swimming pool.

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