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Should You Invest In A Modded Ps2? Let’s Find Out

Should You Invest In A Modded Ps2? Let’s Find Out

Who doesn’t like a bit of a technically modified console that can enhance functionality? Well, if you are looking forward to having a modded PS2, this article is for you. The limits of what a jailbroken PS2 can do is unbelievable. Although the PlayStation is always mod-proof, there are ways in which we have managed to outsmart the technology.

modded PS2

Let Us Go Through The Console Features:

  • You will get to Play All Region PS1/PS2 games
  • Backups in full colour
  • Support anti-piracy games
  • USB stick and hard drive
  • Run homebrew apps using a USB port
  • Laser

Optional Accessories You May Get:

  • A controller
  • Power brick
  • Video and audio lead
  • Multi-utility memory stick
  • External HDMI 720p / 1080p Upscaler
  • Memory stick
  • 500GB Portable Hard Drive

Modifying the PS2 will start with you finding out what DVD firmware you have. You need to have a compatible DVD firmware. In case you do not, you just install a free McBoot to your memory card or at least buy a preinstalled one.

modded PS2

Should You Invest In A Modded Ps2? Let’s Find Out

But Why Have A Modded Ps2?

Remember how it is impossible to play games using USB on PS2? Well, you can override it easily. Soft modding your PS2 has many more benefits than you can imagine. One of the advantages is to play backups and emulators. Moreover, you will also be able to play your games from USB as well as internal HDD over the network.

Let’s Get You Started On How To Modify Your PS2:

You will need,

  • Your PS2,
  • PS2 memory card,
  • One DVD-R
  • A PC to burn your DVD-R
  • One USB storage drive

Although it is optional, having a Raspberry Pi and Micro SD card wouldn’t hurt.

Now, Coming To The Method

  • The first thing that you have to do is to determine the firmware you have. Boot up your PS2 with no disc inserted. On the screen, you will see the option for ‘Browser and System Configuration’. Press it. So, you will know the firmware you have.
  • Once you know the version, download the correct files for the version. Wiki Head over to CTurt’s Github to download the latest version of FreeDVDBoot. It will work as an entry point that will help you to install Free Mcboot on your memory card.
  • Now, time to head back to FreeDVDBoot GitHub. Go to prebuilt ISO and select the appropriate version suited to your PS2.
  • Once you download the ISO image, save it in some other folder. So, now comes the time to burn the ISO file to a DVD-R. My recommendation is Verbatim.
  • You can burn the disk with the help of any program of your preference. However, make sure the procedure and the result are right.
  • Once you install the software, you must insert the blank DVD into the computer drive. Open ImgBurn.
  • From there, you must select ‘Write Image file to disc’
  • Click the yellow folder icon so that you can choose the ISO file. Normally PS2 drives have low speeds for discs. So, you may have to change the write speed on the bottom right corner of the drive.
  • Once you do so, make sure that you click on the ‘verify’ option. Lastly, click on the image below to slowly start burning the FreeDVDBoot to your DVD. However, as mentioned, it will take a few minutes before the files are verified. Now, eject the burnt DVD from your PC and insert it into your PS2.

The burnt disc will appear as a DVD in the browser section. Therefore, you must select it so that the FreeDVDBoot can start to load. Once the loading is done, you will need to boot the LaunchELF. So after you launch it, you have to install Free McBoot. However, you may need to relocate a few files onto the USB thumb drive for better usage.


Once you modify the PS2, a whole realm of possibilities will open up. You can install Free McBoot to your memory card, load PS2 backups without any issue, install OPL to hack PS2, and even back up the games in the system. Ps2 jailbreaking is tough, and to some extent even risky. However, if done correctly, you can enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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