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Google Chrome MSI: A Guide for Enterprise Deployment

Google Chrome MSI

While most users install Google Chrome through the standard web browser download, system administrators have another option: the MSI (Microsoft Installer) package. This post dives into Google Chrome MSI, explaining its purpose, benefits, and download process.

What is a Google Chrome MSI?

An MSI package is a file format used in Windows to install and configure software. Google offers Chrome MSI specifically for organizations that want to centrally manage browser installations and configurations across their network.

Benefits of Using a Google Chrome MSI

  • Centralized Deployment: MSI allows administrators to push Chrome installation and updates to all devices on the network efficiently.

  • Group Policy Integration: Organizations can leverage Windows Group Policy to configure Chrome settings like extensions, homepage, and security policies for all users.

  • Customizable Installation: The MSI package allows for customization during deployment, such as choosing the installation folder or including specific extensions.

Who Should Use a Google Chrome MSI?

  • System Administrators: If you manage a network of computers in a business or school setting, using the MSI offers greater control over Chrome deployment and configuration.

  • IT Professionals: For IT professionals responsible for maintaining a consistent browser experience across an organization, Chrome MSI simplifies deployment and management.

Downloading a Google Chrome MSI

Google Chrome MSI is not available for individual download. It’s part of a bundle specifically designed for enterprise deployment, which includes:

  • Chrome MSI Installer: The actual installer file for Chrome.
  • Legacy Browser Support MSI (Optional): This MSI helps integrate Chrome with Internet Explorer for compatibility with legacy websites.
  • Chrome Group Policy Templates: These files allow administrators to configure Chrome settings using Group Policy.

How to Obtain the Chrome MSI Bundle

  1. Visit the Chrome Enterprise Download page (
  2. Choose between the Stable or Beta channel, depending on your update preference.
  3. Select the appropriate architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) based on your systems.
  4. Click on Download to get the Chrome MSI bundle.

Important Note: Downloading and using the Chrome MSI bundle requires a Google Workspace account associated with a domain.


The Google Chrome MSI is a valuable tool for organizations that require centralized management and configuration of Chrome. By leveraging the MSI package and Group Policy, administrators can ensure consistent browser experiences and maintain control over security settings across their network. If you’re a system administrator or IT professional managing Chrome deployments, understanding the Chrome MSI and its functionalities is essential.


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