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The Ten Most Beautiful Hikes In The World: A Complete List

The Ten Most Beautiful Hikes In The World: A Complete List

Hikers around the world are storming the internet to know about the Ten Most Beautiful Hikes in the World. Hiking has emerged as one of the most popular activities for people around the globe. Every year, thousands of hikers crowd in various hiking locations around the world. Therefore, hiking has also fostered tourism activities in various places.

The fact which makes hiking so attractive is the proximity to nature. When you hike, there hardly remains a boundary between you and nature. Moreover, it also has a beneficial aspect for our health. Therefore, if you wish to know about the top ten hikes in the world, then this article would be the perfect stop for you. Wiki

The List

The Ten Most Beautiful Hikes In The World: A Complete List

1.    Greater Patagonian Trail, Chile and Argentina

If you are looking to explore in the truest sense of the term, then the Greater Patagonian Trail is teh right place for you. Stretched over a distance of 1,900 miles, this trail is full of tiny roads, cattle paths and a host of unmarked locations, which you have to explore on your own. This is the dream child of  German engineer Jan Dudeck and his Chilean wife Meylin Ubilla. The terrain is a very diversified one and is full of uncertainties. Therefore, if you are ready to nurture the explorer in you, then the GPT is the place where you should be.

GPT - The Greater Patagonian Trail - Trekkingchile EN

2.    Rakiura Track, New Zealand

New Zealand is the home to the ten Great Walks and the most interesting of the lot is Stewart Island or Rakiura. The place houses a national park and the government takes utmost care to maintain and preserve this track. Dotted with bays, inlets, unexplored beaches, and green forests, this track spreads over an area of 20 miles. It will take around 3 days to cover this track with slow walks. Moreover, the place offers huts and camping sites which charge $5 to $60 per night.

Rakiura Track | 100% Pure New Zealand

3.    Route K, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The Plitvice lakes offer some really stunning natural scenes. It would almost feel like walking through an AI-generated simulacrum of natural beauty. Spread over a total area of 11 miles, the location will take five hours to explore. The topography of the place is dotted with verdant forests, towering waterfalls, cascading seeps, and sprawling Tufa embankments. Moreover, you will also be able to spot black bears, wolves and wild cats sprawling the landscape. The entry fee is nominal and thus, it is a great hiking location.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia: Best Walking Route, Helpful Tips & Photos – Earth Trekkers

4.    Ocean to Lake Trail, Florida

This free-to-visit place in Florida is dotted with pines, swamps and sands, and cypresses. This hiking route is spread over an area of 61 miles and will take four days to tackle it. But, be prepared to negotiate with alligators and blistered feet. There are numerous campsites, restaurants and also has access to cell service. The wetlands and woods of this hiking track still remain outside the grip of development.

Getting Our Feet Wet on the Ocean to Lake Trail - The Trek

5.    Chilkoot Trail, Alaska

The Chilkoot Trail is actually a Tlingit trade route across the Coast Mountains. The place is filled with traces of the Klondike Gold Rush. However, you will need a permit from Parks Canada to camp overnight at the numerous free-to-use camping sites here. However, the trail was damaged by floods and the international border also closed in 2022. Though the trail is supposed to reopen this year, be sure to check for yourself before embarking on the journey through the 33 miles long path that will take two to five days to tackle.

Stampeders Route: Trekking Chilkoot Trail — Ruby Range Adventure

6.    Backbone Trail, California

If you dream of viewing the vast blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean from several thousand feet above Los Angeles, the Backbone trail is the ideal spot for you. The zig-zag trail traverses through the Santa Monica Mountains and descends to the coastal coves. This 67-mile-long trail will take three to five days to cover. However, camping sites are not that frequent here. So, it is better to hire a guide for around $500.

About the Backbone Trail (BBT) - Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service)

7.    Sinai Trail, Egypt

The Sinai is the land bridge between Africa and Asia. This 340-mile-long trial is dotted with abandoned mines, chapels, rock outcroppings, tropical oases, slot canyons and serrated mountains. Here you will travel with bedouin guides with camels at your service. The hike is 50 days of work and the threat of terrorism disrupts the proper functioning of the route.

Hiking In Egypt: 8 Amazing Trails To Explore In 2023

8.    Trans-Bhutan Trail, Bhutan

This trail has a historical tinge to it. It was first used by courtiers, pilgrims and soldiers in the past before the construction of the parallel road. If you wish to flood yourself with cultural tides along with some of the breathtaking views of the mountains, then this 250 miles long trail is the most inviting place for you. Dotted with remains of ancient fortresses, forests, and a wild variety of wildlife, the trail will take over a month to explore. You will need around $20,000 for a through-hike here.

Hiking the Trans Bhutan Trail Is the Best Way to Experience the Country | Condé Nast Traveler

9.    Olomana Trail, Oahu

The Olomana Trailhead in eastern Oahu is just ten miles from the capital. It is a part of the island’s incredible free recreational network. This trail is famous for being the first of three steep and narrow summits. But the road is dangerous,  linked by a short and harrowing path guarded with guide ropes. The 4.4 miles trail will take four hours to travel.

Hiking the Mt. Olomana Trail (Three Peaks) on Oʻahu — noahawaii

10.  Hayduke Trail, Utah and Arizona

This 812 miles trail is a matter of two months. Dotted with sandstone mesas, canyons, and monoclines, the trail crossed public lands which includes five national parks. You will have river crossings, sharp descents and there is also a shortage of resupply options along with scanty drinking water. However, the beauty is breathtaking, making it one of the most beautiful yet difficult tracks to hike.

Hiking the Hayduke: Welcome to the Wild, Wild (South)West - The Trek

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