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Travel back to the 90s


Travel back to the 90s

The Sega Master System Games is home to some of the amazing classic games that have made its name in the market throughout the decades. Anyone who owns it knows the value of the games that are in there. Released in North America in 1986, just under a year after Nintendo Entertainment System came to market Travel back to the 90s,

Sega came as a ripple in the gaming industry. Throughout the years, Sega evolved as a gaming hardware because of the strict competition. Sega’s performance struggled commercially. But the technical aspect of the console made its mark in the hearts of the fans. The Master System found immense success among European fans which boosted the release of the Sega Genesis Travel back to the 90s.

Following are the most significant games in the console that are still enjoyable and worth playing to this day Travel back to the 90s.

A List Of Sega Master System Games Worth Playing

●      Psycho Fox:

This game is another attempt of Mega’s to try to overcome Mario from the head of the platforming genre. Although it gave Mario the run for its money, it failed to come close to Mario’s commercial success. The concept that made it a big hit was the morphosis of different avatars and interchangeable abilities. Nonetheless, the game has made the list because of its quirky upgrade given its time Travel back to the 90s.

●      Land of Illusion featuring Mickey Mouse: 

Well, many do say that it was one of the attempts set by Sega to challenge Nintendo’s usage of recognisable IP. But let us tell you, this feature of an iconic Disney character paid off. Though it did not try to reinvent the wheel, it kept its core gameplay very similar. However, it had enough tweaks and upgrades to charm the players of that era Travel back to the 90s. The game also had vibrant visuals as well as imaginative biomes to keep anyone hooked given it came in the market in the early 90s.

●      The lucky dime caper, featuring Donald Duck

If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse, then the Land of Illusion isn’t the only Sega Master System that should be on your radar. The Lucky Dime Caper featuring Donal Duck is a treat as well. It was one colourful platformer that came on Game gear as well. Although, it had its differences from the Master System Version, including platform and enemy position. Moreover, the alterations in the star system were there as well WIKI.

●      Asterix:

Asterix, another commercial hit in the System found success in the genre with the help of popular IP. The franchise came to be as a comic book series in the early 50s before it segregated into different types of cultural forms. From films to TV and gaming, Asterix managed to acquire a huge fan base. This gaming franchise, however, had a new update following the remaster of Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 in 2018 Travel back to the 90s.

●      Sonic The Hedgehog:

Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the final games that ever came to the Mega System in North America, following the Sega Genesis in 1989 Travel back to the 90s. However, there is a technical variation. The version that came to Mega System was the 8-bit iteration of the Sega Genesis 16-bit version. Moreover, it was a handful in many ways Travel back to the 90s.

Travel back to the 90s

Compared to its counterpart, it is less flashy when it comes to fast-paced platforms. Some of the gaming differences that fans noticed were the placement of emeralds at regular stages. Sonic was unable to acquire the rings after the damage was another one. Moreover, the stages with no vertical loops were another aspect of it as well.

●      Phantasy Star:

The Phantasy Star is a series that many gamers today know as a free-to-play Phantasy Star Online 2. Another installation of the game is Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Originally released in the late 80s before coming to different consoles, this game made its mark Travel back to the 90s. It includes Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, and Sega Genesis. It is a unique sci-fi fantasy adventure that received more praise than any game ever did. The game helped the console get ahead of Nintendo and seed the ground for success.

Travel back to the 90s

Last Words:

Other games in the Sega Master System Games series are promising as well, but none can match the thrill and nostalgia the games in the above list provides Travel back to the 90s. So, get your consoles out, and get these games to travel back to the 90s now Travel back to the 90s.

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