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5 Mobility Exercises to Combat Knee Pain: The Complete Guide

5 Mobility Exercises to Combat Knee Pain

In recent times, people around the globe are increasingly searching the internet to know about 5 Mobility Exercises to Combat Knee Pain. We know that knees are essential parts of our body. In fact, our mobility and balance depend greatly on the knees. We depend on them for all our daily life activities.

5 Mobility Exercises to Combat Knee Pain

But, most people are now suffering from knee pains. Therefore, this is hampering their activities like walking, running, climbing and other recreational activities. The problem with us is that we start recognising the importance of our knees only when the pain starts. Therefore, if you are suffering from knee pain, then this article will help you out. Jump in to know about the five best knee mobility exercises, to fight your knee pain effectively.

The List

1.    90/90 Internal Rotation Lift Off

The hip internal rotators come into play while we run, hike, walk, lift and drive bikes. Thus, if you have stiff and weak internal rotators, it obstructs the easy movement of the pelvis and thereby cause pain. The 90/90 Internal rotation lift-off will enable you to strengthen and increase the range of motions of your hip, thereby helping you to keep your knees fit. Go through the following steps to

Medial Knee Pain Exercises perform this exercise:

  • Seat with your legs at a 90-degree angle.
  • Press your hands into the floor for balance as you sit straight with your spine erect.
  • Lift your back heel and try to drive your back knee into the ground.
  • Now bend your back toe in the direction of your back shin.
  • Put your back ankle up and hold for 3 to 5 seconds like pushing it against a wall.
  • Then lower it slowly. Repeat it 5 to 10 times for each side.

2.    Loaded Adductor Rock

The inner thigh muscles are the adductors. They help in stabilizing our knees and hips. Stiff adductors can pull the pelvis out of alignment causing hip, knee and back pain. Follow the following steps to perform the exercise: Wiki

10 Visuals of Exercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

  • Get down at a half-kneeling position.
  • Make a 90-degree angle with your front leg.
  • Shift your back leg to the side perpendicular to your right leg and create a 90-degree angle.
  • Open your hips, tuck your tailbone, and squeeze your glutes.
  • Shift sideways in the direction of your front knee.
  • Keep the heel grounded and drive your knee over your toes.
  • Be in this position for 30 seconds and then drive back up.
  • Repeat it 5 to 10 times for each side.

3.    Elevated Pegion Rotation

If you want to open up your spine and hips, then this is the ideal exercise for you. A stiff hip misaligns your pelvis, thus putting excess load on your knee joints. Follow the following steps to perform this exercise:

10 Visuals of Exercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

  • Use the floor or a chair, a box or even a bench to do it.
  • Put your right leg at a 90-degree angle on the raised platform.
  • Now extend upwards from your spine.
  • For support, grab the edges of the chair or box with your left hand.
  • Now rotate and take your right arm behind you.
  • Do not forget to contract the core during the rotation.
  • Do 10 to 15 repetitions on each side.

5 Mobility Exercises to Combat Knee Pain

4.    Loaded Ankle Rock

A lack of ankle mobility is a prime cause of knee pain. The loaded ankle rock is the perfect exercise to maximize the range of motion of your ankle joints. Stiffness leading to restricted mobility of ankle joint will apply more pressure on knee and thus will cause knee pain. Follow the following steps to perform this exercise:

5 Leg Strengthening Exercises to Fight Knee Pain - Lifetime Daily

  • Get down to a half-kneeling posture.
  • Drive your knee forward over your toe, keeping the front heel down.
  • The key here is to extend your toes within a comfortable and pain-free range.
  • Stay in this position for 5 seconds.
  • To add an added degree of impact, you can place a weight on your front quad. Then rock forward for 5 more seconds.
  • Repeat this for each side, at least 5 to 10 times.

5.    Couch Stretch

If you have stiff quads and hips, then this is the exercise for you. It also gives a great flexion and stretch to your knees. However, initially you might feel discomfort in doing this exercise. In such cases, you should not stop and keep practicing it for more benefits. Follow the given steps to do this exercise:

The 10 most effective stretches for runners

  • You will need a couch, wall or box for this exercise.
  • First you need to get down to a half-kneeling posture.
  • For added support, place a cushion under your back knee.
  • Now slowly move your back shin toward the glutes.
  • Push your knee back to the corner of the couch, box or wall.
  • Then, lift your chest by squeezing your back glutes and reach a high-kneeling posture.
  • Stay like this for 1 to 3 minutes and then slowly release the position.
  • Repeat this with each side.

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