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Subnautica PS4: An Oceanic Delight That Will Force You To Take A Deeper Plunge

Subnautica PS4: An Oceanic Delight That Will Force You To Take A Deeper Plunge

Subnautica PS4 is a game that you would want to wipe out from your memories so that you can savour it one more time. Yes, it is a very bold statement but it is something that many players stand by. The game is an amalgamation of euphoria, terror and drama. Very gripping from the very first moment of the game, you will find yourself in a starship on a watery alien world. The game is a visual treat, brimming with awe, and stark personality. You will find surreal forests, morphed aliens, and oh my! A drama that will push you to explore further. It is a journey that is worth exploring, and that will make you take a detour again and again.

Subnautica PS4



A Terrifying Treat:

If you are a fan of games in the horror genre, this one will unexpectedly shock you. The genre is terrifying as it not only has tension, but a kind of fear you wouldn’t anticipate. Imagine, you are out in the sea, with no safety measures in place and you will be chased by a shark. Will you be able to stay calm in such a situation? The game sets a predatory tone that, if immersed, will increase your heart rate.

Subnautica PS4

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What is more significant about the game is that it has managed to make you helpless against enemies. In front of the mega predators, your exosuit, industrial drill, or even the survival knife will fail to make you feel safe. Wiki

Subnautica PS4: An Oceanic Delight That Will Force You To Take A Deeper Plunge

The crafting system of the game is very straightforward. You hit the ocean, get the resources from the ocean floor. Now you build the expansive, unlock new tools and modular seabases. One of the aspects that set forth the game is when you unlock the Seamoth and the Cyclops. You will progress further into the deeper biomes and explore the dangers of the games more immensely.

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A Sound Justification:

You may have to install positional audio to find the creatures all around you. The sound effects are on point as you will find watery sound effects rule the game in the excellent muted background. Each biome has a distinct music track that sets in the mood. You can even hear the pulsing beat of the Blood Kelp Zone. Moreover, the immersion will get disrupted by a huge amount of pop-ins. You will notice a significant level of detail changes while playing around with the fast vehicle.


The graphics are indeed striking and fully rendered. You can understand the message through visuals alone because of its communicative features. The details that went into the creation of the aliens and sea creatures will want the players to explore more. Moreover, all the features in the game were very accurate and appealing.

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The Plot:

The plot is as good as it gets. Generally, most of the games lack depth, but it doesn’t. Subnautica PS4 does one compelling job to tell a story through its player that is worth reliving. It is a survival gameplay that is worth getting submerged into without fail. There is a nuance in the gameplay that feels like a sci-fi film. Take a well-written journal entry or a high-quality audio log for example.

So, What Do We Like About The Game?

  • The game comes with a rich and evocative setting that will make you wonder. It will set forth a time of terror.
  • The narrative is worth the splurge. The threads of narrative are compelling as it shows you how you must survive.
  • The game has a smart design. You will get scared at each turn.
  • Although there are a few on-land technical glitches, the game’s oceanic visuals are worth everything.

Ending Note:

Does this game get a nod of approval from us? Definitely yes. Clear map landmarks and shortwave radio will give you enough clues to dive deep into the oceanic world. You will not be clueless while playing these games as the information in the games is enough to go throughout the game. If you dare to discover the secrets that lie in the seabed of the Subnautica PS4, we recommend you take a plunge.

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