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Best Retro Handheld: Find The Suitable Match For You

With such technical advancement, it is obvious that gadgets would only get better. But sometimes, better doesn’t mean the best. While you may find avid gamers lining up for blockbuster triple-A titles. There are a few collectors who know the value of the best retro handheld. 

The demand for retro handhelds has been going high. Although more and more devices have arrived on the market, none can match the seamlessness of a retro handheld. They have commanding premium prices making them the best handhelds to play classic numbers. 

Starting from NeoGeo to Nintendo, Sega and more, we can open up your eyes to some of the scintillating classic consoles worth your pennies. Following is a guide to some of the best retro handhelds that made the list for its quirks and technical capabilities. 

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Nintendo Switch Lite

This version is an amazing installation as it not only works as a console when connected to the TV but also as a handheld when removed. It’s the best of both worlds as it delivers you with a lavish game library, high power and functionality. If you can manage to pair it up with Nintendo Switch, you will get introduced to games like NES, Super NES, and Game Boy to play on the system.

This console is the best one for those who like portable gaming devices. Moreover, it comes with loads of games with multiple retro options to choose from. The gadget will be a worthy purchase if you want to acquire the full Switch or OLED Switch system.

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Why buy? 

  • It is smaller and lighter 
  • With Switch mode, you will encounter an enhanced gaming experience. 
  • Solid structure
  • Recommendable direction pad

Asus ROG Ally

Are you a PC gamer who wants a classic handheld? This one’s for you. Although an expensive installation, it is a Windows 11 portable device. Moreover, you can easily compare it with the Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop in terms of performance. To add more pizzazz to it, know that it will offer a 120Hz 1080p screen that is far better than Steam Deck wiki

The console is for PC gamers. If you desire to have solid power on the go, this device will do you justice. In this era, no one has the time to deal with the limitations of StreamOS. To ensure that you get a smoothly operated device, this upgraded version is the one. 

Why buy? 

  • An attractively vivid display
  • Robust build without compromising the design
  • Moreover, it can run fully on Windows 11
  • A decent battery life 
  • Lastly, it can change modes and remaps the control swiftly

Analogue Pocket

Are you a handheld game collector? This one is a must for you. Even if you aren’t a geeky handheld collector, this is simply the best retro handheld that any gaming enthusiast should have in their collection. So, why did we pick it? 

Because of its purity and simplicity. It is an effective combination of Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance systems. However, with the addition of an OLED screen. Furthermore, you will get the power to expand, higher build quality and a dock that lets you output video to the TV. 

As it was the first cartridge-based handheld, you can play along with your pals with the help of adapters. The handheld comes with an analogue pocket that makes emulation interesting and smooth. 

Why buy? 

  • You can play difficult games like Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games
  • Significant filters to emulate the LCDs
  • Incredible screen
  • Moreover, you can connect it to the TV with an analogue dock. 
  • Also, you get music features and development features. 

Anbernic RG351P

Anbernic RG351P is the best option if you like easy emulation while playing games. But there is more. It is a Linux-based elution that comes in very handy for a third-party interface. Additionally, the system has a robust build, ideal screen and customizable loaders. 

Why buy? 

  • Excellent performance
  • Ideal screening abilities
  • Can play PlayStation games

Ending note:  best retro handheld

All the handhelds are simply the best. Although the term might be subjective as each gamer has different needs. We believe that by understanding what you require and the specification of the console, you can find the best retro handheld. 

Finding the best retro handheld ain’t easy but it isn’t tough. With the help of our guide, now you can make a conclusive purchase. 

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