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DS Console: The Device That Laid A Breakthrough Groundwork For Consoles

The DS console by Nintendo comes to the market after a much-awaited pause. Upon first inspection, any fan can understand the difference between the predecessors and the new ones. From sleek design and technical upgrades, this particular installation will prove to be a clever and respectable console. The console is an innovative creation as the developers have infused a dual screen with a microphone to make the gameplay more exciting. 

Moreover, you get a higher resolution display while staying compatible with the older GBA. What’s more, is that you get to now play the games with multiple players using wifi and a touch screen that makes the fun double. This article will cover an honest review regarding the console. 

What’s So Special About The DS Console? 

Lighter than its predecessor, the console is cleverly designed. It measures 148.7mm in length, 84.7mm in width, and lastly, 28.9mm in height. Although the unit is bigger than any other portable console by Nintendo, there are many reasons why the console came to be how it is. 

  • Two backlit screens have a resolution of 256×192 pixels. Therefore, it holds the ability to display up to 260,000 colours. 
  • The bottom LCD screen is an analogue touchscreen. Therefore, it will allow you to play many different games either using the stylus or your fingers. 
  • This installation comes with wireless IEEE 802.11 communicative facilities. So, as a result, you get flawless wireless gaming facilities up to 100 ft.
  • Let’s not forget the lithium-ion battery that allows you to play for up to 10 hours.
  • In addition to all these, the device is backwards compatible so you can enjoy GameBoy Advance games. 
  • There are input facilities for microphones as well as headphones. 
  • You get a stereo speaker that supports virtual surround sound. 
  • Lastly, you will get two powerful ARM9 and ARM7 CPUs. 

Let’s Discuss Design and Hardware: 

One of the scintillating aspects of the Nintendo DS is that it comes with a dual-screen design. This screen has two purposes. The one on the top screen is used for displaying graphics. Meanwhile, the other allows the players to immerse themselves in the game through touch sensitivity. So, it allows them to have interactive gameplay wiki

It is a unique design that has created an immersive gaming experience. Therefore, the new mechanics have done what any console could not. The console also comes with a classic Nintendo stylus. The stylus has allowed players to interact with the games or navigate menus on the touch screen making it easier. 

Moreover, it adds an extra layer of precision for the players so that they can never miss. In addition to this, the console’s clamshell design protects the screen whether it is in use or not. 

Now coming to the hardware, in terms of hardware specification, the console, as we have mentioned, has two processors. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the game lagging. The ARM processors ensure smooth gameplay even for strict titles. 

The console also comes with a built-in microphone as well as wireless connectivity availability. So, you can now engage in voice chat, or be cooperative with multiple players easily through the tethered cables. 

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Covering The Software and Games: 

One of the major reasons behind the success of the DS console is its extensive library of games. You will never be bored. The console has compatibility with not only the original DS games but Game Boy Advance games. So, you will never run out of exciting gaming titles to choose from. Some of the titles are Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, New Super Mario Bros, etc. 


Has the Nintendo DS left an impact on the gaming industry? Undoubtedly yes. The innovation came as a breath of fresh air that became very common for the players. It also laid the much-needed groundwork for Switch and Nintendo 3DS. 

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Ending Note: 

Nintendo’s major goal is to outdo themselves, and they do it every time they release a console. The Nintendo DS console came to the market in 2004. It has been two decades, but it still and always will attract gamers worldwide and continue to change the gaming landscape.

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The DS console has come with a bang, and by that, we mean innovative dual-screen and microphone-enabled gameplay with fewer load times.

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