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A Thorough Guide On How To Access League Of Legends Xbox

A Thorough Guide On How To Access League Of Legends Xbox

Xbox has partnered with Riot Games to bring the best of the gaming world, League Of Legends Xbox. The amalgamation of the two giants has given the space to welcome Riot’s biggest titles to Xbox Game Pass. Two of the most important part of the community comes together to make sure that you get the best.

League Of Legends Xbox

However, there is a twist to getting player-focused competitive games with Xbox players. You will need the passes. It will be a first in the industry where two goliaths join hands to extend beyond PC to include Riot’s mobile-only and mobile-accessible titles. Moreover, with the right account as well as the game pass membership, you will acquire Xbox Game Pass rewards. In addition to this, you will also get benefits across the games that are only available to Game Pass members.

What Do We Know About The Partnership?

In 2022, Xbox kicked off the showcase with a huge bang as it announced that there will be a partnership with Riot Games. The plan behind the partnership was to incorporate the games into the platform. They did it by the extension of Xbox Game Pass. Multiple significant and exciting names in the gaming industry have found their way to the Xbox.

A Thorough Guide On How To Access League Of Legends Xbox

Many fans were excited as Valorant, League Of Legends Xbox has found its way to the Xbox. Although it is one of the most compelling ideas between the two gaming mammoths, it has raised one important question. Whether this will also open the opportunity where the games will make their way to consoles and PC.

How To Play League Of Legends On Xbox?

It is time to make use of the Xbox game pass to give the most thrilling game, League Of Legends Xbox, a whirl. Though there are no console versions of the game available as no port has been deployed, with the game pass you can see through it in the following way.

  • Unlock the in-game benefits

If you are already a game pass member, then you have to link your Xbox profile to the Riot account. By doing so, you will be able to unlock the member-only benefits. However, if you are not a game pass member, you just join so that you can get more from Riot Games. Click on this link to do so.

Answering Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions:

●     How To Link The Riot Account To The Xbox Profile To Unlock The Benefits Within Riot Games?

You need to first link your accounts on the Xbox game pass welcome page. Then you can sign into your Riot Account and then sign in with your Xbox profile to complete the whole linking procedure. Wiki

Now, you must access the benefits section through the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Normally, these passes are sold separately as the game catalog varies from time to time.

●      How To Check The Content You Have Unlocked In Riot’s Games?

First, you must check if your Xbox profile is associated with an active Game Pass Membership. You will get an in-game notification the next time you continue to log into any of Riot’s games. Although, in most cases, the unlocking procedure takes up to 24 hours.

Once you notice that your benefits are ready, you will be able to see all of the content you unlocked in your in-game collection. Moreover, it will be in the Rewards Program indicator for as long as you have an Xbox Game Pass membership.

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However,  when it comes to League of the Legends, the champions will be unlocked in the Champion collection. Moreover, by doing so, you will receive up to a 20% XP boost. However, to purchase the in-game champion skin, you must get it separately.


The collaboration of Riot Games and the Xbox console has brought the chance for fans to explore multiple big games. One of them is League of Legends Xbox. Although there isn’t any port, through the Game Pass members, you can play the game and take advantage of the additional benefits that come with it.

Riot Games and Xbox have announced a partnership to bring the best of the gaming names, including League of Legends Xbox, to the fans. All you need is a Game Pass membership.

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