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A Review Like Never Before: Vectrex And Should You Try To Invest In One?

Vectrex, a hidden gem in the realm of the gaming industry, is something many gamers desire to have. It is a nifty portable game with a unique approach. The developers incorporated their own vector graphics monitor. The Vectrex soon became an impressive piece of hardware that became a classic due to the video game crash fiasco in 1983.

The developers did not produce the game in large quantities. However, because of its smooth 3D graphics as well as the modest library of games have turned it into a sought-after piece. It has been more than 35 years since the game came out, but the craze behind it did not die down. Is it still worth the investment? Let us go through each aspect of the game to give you the whole picture.

A Thorough Review Of Vectrex:

●     Design:


The console has a solid exterior. It includes a small black and white monitor as well as a four-button controller that latches onto the main unit. As the console is easy to transport, the system easily packs into small pieces of the package. There is a small cartridge slot on the side, a volume knob as well a reset button on the body of the console. There is a second controller port as well which allows the players to join in easily wiki.

●     Durability:

The Vectrex is a durable system that will not break under normal use. Moreover, it is a bulky system as it has a substantial weight.

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●     Graphics:

The graphics of the console was beyond anything that came out in the early 80s. The crisp lines and smooth effects were more appealing than any game that anyone played in that era. Take the graphic of the original asteroids or Tempest. If you think the visual would be choppy and pixelated, then you will be highly mistaken. It is unlike the visuals that you may expect from an 80s gaming console.

●     The audio system:

Although at first glance you may think that the little speaker would not be able to deliver much. But you would be mistaken. Surprisingly, the audio system can provide decent music with crisp sonic sounds. Moreover, some developed titles come with beautiful sound and voice synthesis.

●     Controller:

The general standard controller is rectangular in shape and wide in size. It comes with a small metal joystick as well as four buttons in a row. It is analog and the buttons are very small yet easier to operate. The controller is one of a kind; however, you can purchase the Vectrex controllers converted from those that are specifically for them.

●     Cartridge:

The cartridges of the system are compact and there ain’t much space left for artwork. However, there are newer Vectrex releases that include Intellivision cartridges. These are more on the thinner side and come with an identical pin configuration.

●     Games:

Ahh, the main point. If it has to be rated, the game section of Vectrex would easily receive A. It included a pack-in called Mine Storm that is right into the system. The Asteroids was a perfect installation that showcases the power that the system has.

●     Library:

The cartridges of the system came from GCE. The games that Vectrex excelled in included shooters like Star Castle, Scramble, and Fortress of Narzod.

●     Collectability:

The Vectrex is one expensive investment. It comes with a working system that can run into hundreds of dollars. The cartridges are not cheap and they aren’t easy to find. As it comes with a convenient multi-cart, it has become rather manageable to find one.

The Verdict:

From the innovation point of view, Vectrex is surely an exciting addition to the video game collection. The colours, the graphics, and the collection of games in the console are still enough to impress any collector as well as a gamer.


If you don’t mind the colour overlays, Vectrex is an investment you should consider. It comes with a self-contained monitor, vector graphics with crisp animation and smooth effects. Although it has a limited library with few arcade hits, the rarity of the pieces of the system makes it worthy of the splurge.

The sharp vector graphics, the smooth animation and the well-designed controller are some of the reasons why you should invest in the classic Vectrex.

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