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Katherine Kady Allen: Know The Life Story Of Tim Allen’s Daughter

Katherine Kady Allen

Celebrity kids coming into the spotlight is no new thing. Well, this is the case with Tim Allen’s daughter, Katherine “Kady” Allen. Yes, you guessed it right, she is the daughter of the ABC Sitcom star “Home Improvement.” Moreover, she is the only daughter from Tim’s first marriage. Needless to say, Tim is a highly popular celebrity in the entertainment world.

People know him best for ABC Sitcoms like “Last Man Standing,” where he played the role of Mile Baxter. Now let us come to his daughter Katherine or Kady Allen. Well, she is also a pretty popular star in the film industry. All thanks to her father, she has become a well-known celebrity. In fact, she also lends voice to Buzz Lightyear’s character which helped her come into the limelight.

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So are you curious to find out more about the young celebrity kid? Stay tuned to our article to know some of the interesting aspects of Katherine Allen’s life. Let us take a glance!

A Short Bio Of Katherine Allen

As per the sources, Katherine Allen was born to her parents on December 1989 in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, she is currently 34 years old. Tim Allen and Laura Decibel nicknamed their daughter Kady. Well, she was born with brunette hair and brown eyes. Since she is the only daughter of the college lovers, she is their sweetheart tim allen.

However, due to the pressure from success and drug addiction, Tim couldn’t devote much time and attention to his darling daughter. On the other hand, her mother is an interior landscape sales manager. Therefore, both her parents were busy with their work and were unable to give her complete attention.

After her parents’ divorce, the court gave Katherine’s custody to her mother. So as a result, Tim was unable to see her young daughter and left his family to pursue his Hollywood career. However, Kady always looked up to her father. In fact, she also wanted to make a place in the film industry. Since she was the daughter of a celebrity like Tim Allen, she got a few opportunities easily.

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Some Significant Details About Katherine Allen’s Parents

According to the sources, Katherine Allen is the daughter of Tim Allen and Laura Decibel. Needless to say, her father is one of the most popular names in the Hollywood film industry. It was from an early age that Allen developed an interest in acting. He was raised in Denver, Colorado in the United States. So after graduating from Western Michigan University, he received a degree in Bachelor of Science.

On the other hand, Laura Decibel and Tim Allen fell in love before Tim stepped into the film industry. So after dating for a while they tied the knot on April 7, 1984. Even though things were going well in their lives, they decided to part ways. Hence in 1999, they were legally separated in 2003. Unlike Kady’s father, her mother does not belong to the acting profession and is a homemaker.

After divorcing Laura, Tim fell in love with actress Jane Hajduk. So after three years of Laura and Tim’s divorce, the duo started dating. Jane has produced and acted in movies like “Ultimate Spider-Man,” “Mind Masters.” Kady shares a very good relationship with her stepmother Jane Hajduk.

Katherine Allen’s Personal Life: What Does She Do For A Living?

Well, despite being a star kid, Katherine is a little secretive about her personal life. So there are not many details available about her career on the public platform. However, after our extensive research, we came to know that just like her father, Tim, she too is interested in joining the acting profession.

In fact, she has also made a few appearances with her celebrity father on some of the red carpet events. However, as of now, there are no concrete details regarding if Katherine joined the film industry or not. Stay tuned to our page to know all the latest updates about the young celebrity.

Unfortunately, the exact amount of her net worth is still not available. Since her profession is not known, it is difficult to estimate her earnings. However, her father has a net worth of around $100 million.

So if you are now curious to know more about her personal life, let us share a few details about her love life. Previously, she dated actor Alex Farragut. In fact, she also married him and has a child with him. She is presently dating Glenn Howerton.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that Katherine Kady Allen is one of the most well-known celebrity kids. It is mainly due to her father, Tim Allen’s popularity that people know her so well. Presently, she is considering if she would join the film industry like her father or go for another profession. If you are one of her ardent fans, do not forget to check out the article.

Are you curious to find out what the popular celebrity, Tim Allen’s daughter Katherine Kady Allen is presently up to? Read through the article to get an idea.

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