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Who Is Finn Cumberbatch? Top Facts To Know About Benedict’s Youngest Child

Finn Cumberbatch

Finn Cumberbatch is quite famous in the country for being the son of the legendary Hollywood actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, and his wife, Sophie Hunter. So, let us tell you that just like any other celebrity kid, Finn has also become famous owing to the fame of her parents. In fact, that’s the reason why fans of Benedict want to know about his little son.

Finn Cumberbatch

There are not a lot of details available about Finn because he is just a four-year-old kid as of 2023. He has two brothers and his parents in his family. If you want to know more details about Finn, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall provide you with everything that you need to know about Benedict & Sophie’s youngest son, Finn.

Who Is Finn Cumberbatch?

So, as we already mentioned earlier in this article, Finn Cumberbatch is famous as the youngest son of the Hollywood actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, and his wife, Sophie Hunter. Apart from that, there are not enough details available about his life. It’s because his parents have managed to keep his life private from the media’s eyes.

Finn Cumberbatch

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Finn’s Birthday

According to the internet facts, Finn, the son of Benedict, was born in the year 2019, in the UK, on 11th January. So, that’s why we can also say that he is a citizen of the United Kingdom, and has British nationality. Based on his birthdate, we can say that his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Wiki

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Who Are Finn’s Parents?

There’s no question about the fact that Finn Cumberbatch has become quite popular because of his parents. So, let us tell you that his parents are Benedict Cumberbatch, the famous English actor, and Sophie Hunter, his mother.

It’s worth noting that Finn’s father, Benedict is an accomplished actor. In fact, you may know him for sure as Doctor Strange in the MCU. Apart from that, he has also appeared in numerous films and TV shows, such as Sherlock Holmes, The Imitation Game, Power of the Dog, and more.

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On the other hand, Finn’s mother, Sophie Hunter is also a British person. She is from Hammersmith, London. Just like Finn’s father Benedict, Finn’s mother is also in the entertainment industry. She is a very popular playwright and theatrical director. However, previously, she has acted in a few films. Some of the theatrical productions that she has directed are Ghosts, The Fantastic Electric, Road to Bly, The Turn of the Screw, etc.

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Furthermore, one should also note that Finn’s parents have been married since 2015. For the past 8 years, they have been living a very happy life. However, it’s not like they know each other for only eight years. Reports tell us that they know each other for more than seventeen years. Initially, they started as just friends. Eventually, on Valentine’s Day in 2015, they held their wedding.


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Finn Has Two Older Brothers

As we mentioned before, Finn is the youngest son of Benedict & Sophie. He has two older brothers in his family as well. Benedict has three kids with Sophie. So, the names of Finn’s two older brothers are Christopher Carlton and Hal Auden. Let us tell you that Christopher is around four years older than Finn as he was born on 1st June 2015. On the other hand, Sophie and Benedict welcomed their second son, Hal Auden on the 3rd of March, in 2017.

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Benedict Wishes To Make More Films Suitable For Finn & His Brothers

In an interview, the proud dad of three, Benedict Cumberbatch mentioned how most of his films are rated for adults. Finn and his brothers quite naturally aren’t allowed to see those films. So, that’s the reason why Benedict wishes to appear in more family-friendly movies so that his children can be exposed to his work as early as possible.


  • Who Is Finn Cumberbatch?

It’s worth noting that Finn Cumberbatch is famous as the youngest child of the popular British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, and theatrical director & playwright, Sophie Hunter.

  • How Old Is Finn Cumberbatch?

Finn, the youngest son of Benedict & Sophie is just four years old right now.

  • Who Are Finn Cumberbatch’s Siblings?

Finn has two older brothers in his family whose names are Christopher Carlton & Hal Auden Cumberbatch.

Do you know about Finn Cumberbatch, the popular celebrity kid of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch & playwright, Sophie Turner? Check out some unique facts about Finn here.

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