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PS5 Controller On Pc: Know How To Handle Everything

PS5 Controller On Pc

Millions of gamers out there who wish to have a quality gaming experience want to connect a PS5 controller on pc. This helps them to play to their heart’s content. Thus it is important to know how to handle everything. 

PS5 Controller On Pc

You might not be familiar with everything in this case. Do not worry as we have got you covered here. There are many people like you who do not have sufficient idea about PS5 controller on pc. Hence for the sake of everyone’s convenience let us explore more about it here.

Why PS5 controller has to be connected to the PC?

The first thing that you might think about is the need for connecting the Ps5 controller to your personal computer. You might think that the PS5 controller is meant for Play Station 5 only. Technically you are right. But not everyone can afford that. Therefore, there must be some alternative in this case. There comes the role of a personal computer. Hence you will see that it will offer you a gaming experience in the comfort of your own home and within your budget.

Well, you see the reason is to streamline everything. The gaming quality and experience are enhanced a lot in this case. Thus it is important to connect your PS5 controller to your personal computer.

You can then go on to indulge in the gaming world whenever you wish to. All you will need is your computer and a steady connection to electricity. Hence a brilliant experience awaits you in this case.

Basic ingredients to connect the PS5 controller 

Playstation 5 Controller

Firstly you need to focus on connecting your DualSense regulator and your PC. Go on to buy the DualSense controller. When you buy the DualSense as a standalone controller check whether you have everything needed or not. Chances are that there will not be a USB cable. Hence that can be a problem. Wiki

The fact that you won’t get a USB cable isn’t enough as there is another issue as well. You see, not every PC has Bluetooth. Therefore, in order to pair your DualSense with a PC there are certain things to keep in mind. Let us find out about that. 

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Firstly you will require a data-supporting USB-C cable. Remember in this case that there are some less expensive cables that only carry power. If your PC has a USB-C port then it is fine. Hence in that case you must see that the USB-C cable can be either a C-to-C or USB-C-to-A. This is possible if you only want to connect using the rectangular USB connectors.

You can easily add Bluetooth to your PC if you wish to. Hence do so if it does not already have it. There are numerous Bluetooth adapters available in the market. Thus you have many choices here. Some of these options can be inserted into a PCIe slot on your computer rather easily. But there are others that simply require an open USB port.

Steps to follow to connect with Bluetooth

  1. Access Bluetooth settings and then select the option of adding a device from the pop-up window.
  2. On your PS5 controller touch and hold the create button until the touchpad blinks.
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  4. Then finally select your controller from your PC.

Steps to follow to connect with the USB

In this case, you have to just connect the USB end of the PS5 controller to the open port of your PC. Windows will show recognition. Thus you will be all set for it.


Thus it is very easy to connect your PS5 controller to your PC. We explored the steps here. 

For gamers, a PS5 controller on PC is a valid person. If all steps are followed then it is very easy to connect your PS5 controller to your PC. 

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