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A List of SNES RPGs That Redefines The Genre

A List of SNES RPGs That Redefines The Genre

SNES RPG might not be what you expect it to be, but it is much more than what it used to be. With a massive improvement taking place, it has become rather evident that the developers have created a massive world with detailed descriptions and intent.

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The outcome behind the aesthetic of the game looks exactly how they were intended to be introduced to the fans. Therefore, new advancements in technology meant that the games of the SNES came very close to giving the players a cinematic experience.

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A List of SNES RPGs That Redefines The Genre

Moreover, 4GB was not a ton of storage, even for that time because it was enough to fit an impressively rich script of 40 hours easily. Therefore, SNES was specifically made up to be an outstanding RPG.

Although, the data of the recorded sales showcased that it struggled to find its footing due to Nintendo’s release. We believe that it was always ahead of its time, crafting a kind of experience that the gamers were not ready for.

A List of SNES RPGs You Must Try Out Once In Your Lifetime

It has been more than three decades since SNES made its debut in North America. However, the charm that SNES RPG games have sprinkled on us has kept up. Following is a list of RPG games by SNES you must try once. Wiki

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●       Shadowrun:

At the beginning of the 90s, the concept of RPG was very similar to turn-based combat and medieval settings. It normally featured knights, dragons and sorcerers. This game was sort of a ‘rebel’ that went against the classic theme. Shadowrun made most of the cyberpunk theme with real-time combat with Seattle as the background setting. This particular game gave gamers one of the best grittiest stores available strapped in the 16-bit.

●      The 7th Saga:

Considered to be one of the most excellent games, it pulled off great ideas with significantly better playable characters. The game allowed the players to choose one of the seven characters. So, for the rest six characters the players either had to fight or recruit. Moreover, this game was one of the first that did not include any random combat. There was a ‘radar’ system through which the players avoided combat. Although the game was a brilliant creation, it was intricately difficult to play as well.

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A List of SNES RPGs That Redefines The Genre

●      Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

This game is what you call a hidden gem. It took a while for the players to acknowledge and appreciate its beauty. Nonetheless, this typical fantasy story won hearts. With a bit of mechanical tone, Lufia II features some of the best graphics and incorporation of music. Moreover, the game comes with tons of puzzles to solve, in addition to 99-level random dungeons that a player has to tackle.

●      Secret of Evermore: SNES RPG

Square Enix, primarily a Japanese developer, decided to give the American gaming industry a try after their huge boom in the Japanese market. The basics of the gameplay are inspired by the Secret of Mana. However, the game ensures that they pack a punch significantly. Restricting combat, alchemic mechanism and a few more aspects establish the game. Moreover, the game is darker, from the graphic point of view.

●      Final Fantasy IV:

Although many RPGs came before the release of Final Fantasy IV, this was the turning point for this particular genre. The graphics and the sound of the game weren’t the only things that made it worthy of your time. Rather what set this particular game apart from the rest is that it featured a fully formed plot. It was also the first of its time to include an Active Time Battle system.

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●      Super Mario RPG:

How can we forget Super Mario?  Nintendo and Square teamed up to bring the mushroom kingdom with storytelling abilities and a combat system to deliver an epic game.

●      The Secret of Mana:

Another classic, yet adventurous game that deserves a place on the list. It is one of the innovative RPG games that influenced many others. Moreover, it was faster, combat buried and a multiplayer game that put it on top.


This list also deserves honorary mentions. Games like Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VI, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger are worth your time and investment. SNES RPG defined the genre with its lucidity, complex yet interesting storytelling abilities and creativity to the max.

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