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PS1 Slim vs PS1: Which One Should You Go For

PS1 Slim vs PS1: When people think of consoles, the first thing that comes to their mind is the OG console, PlayStation One. While many players swear by the slimmer version of the same. The era of the Sony PlayStation with a bulky grey build ended when the developers launched its slimmer version, the better version. But is it better than the old one in terms of performance and other technical aspects? Let this be the topic of our discussion today. 

PS1 Slim vs PS1

It all comes down to this comparison that allows gamers to take a peek at the better side of both consoles. Through this, you may understand what both consoles have to offer. 


  • Easier to modify
  • Interesting game choices
  • It came with two controllers
  • You can save progress easily. 
  • The design of the console is something worthy to look at, but at the same time, it was bulky. 

In short, the console had much that the developers could modify or upgrade. Did it take place while designing Playstation 1 Slim? Let’s field out. 

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PS1 Slim

  • The design improved. You could see that the console became sleek and smaller. 
  • Any player could attach the console with a 5-inch LCD screen because of its compatibility with the device. 
  • Moreover, the console had a better defence than the OG version when it comes to modification. Modifying or hacking the PlayStation 1 Slim was harder than anything. So, it retained its originality. 
  • There was no separate ‘Reset’ button.
  • The developers removed the “Serial I/O” port that was available in the original model. 

Although these are some of the obvious maquillage that you may notice. Nonetheless, the consoles are daily similar. Some subtle modifications in the consoles are very desirable and expected. Which one you may want to choose will depend on your preference for the gaming experience. 

PlayStation 1 Overview

As we have already discussed, the console is considerably easier to modify. While there are players who do not like modification as the OG version has the nostalgia and worth to it. But if you are into that sort of thing, it is your console. The original design is significantly ironic for PlayStation fans. However, the downside is that it is considerably bulkier than any of its counterparts. Apart from that, you may not be able to connect it with a 5-inch LCD screen. 

Therefore, in terms of originality and worth, it has our approval. It offers a sensible amount of games. The extensive library of games is worth owning in this era. Another advantage of this original model is its ability to modify. Although, it lessens the worth of the console as retro gamers prefer the purified version of the console way more. 

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Therefore, to ensure security, the first-generation PlayStation had a region lock. In short, it meant that players from North America could not play the titles available in Japan or Europe and vice versa. The hardware and the library of the game are considerably the same. 

The only change was the size, design and the cost. Back then, the cost was deferred, but in today’s society, the worth is fairly cheap. Therefore, in terms of contemporary value, the cost of the box will be the same wiki

PlayStation 1 Slim Overview

PlayStation 1 Slim is much sleeker and smaller than the original version. Moreover, we have already mentioned that it is compatible with the 5-inch LCD. But is it more reliable than the OG version? Well, yes. It is heaven for gamers as it ain’t that easy to modify. It makes one good point for the sake of portability because of its light weightedness. The matter of originality is there for this console as well, but the slight and subtle upgrades are what sets it apart from the OG one. However, if you are a console collector, this is the one you should go for. 

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So, which model is the best and right for you? There is no one specific answer as both the models cater to different needs of gamers. Each ps1 model has pros and cons and only you are the judge of what suits your requirement. Now that you have the full picture, you can easily decide whether you want the PS1 Slim or not. 

PlayStation has been one of the major consoles in the gaming landscape for many decades. But when it comes to PS1 Slim vs PS1, which one is better? Let’s find out. 

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